getUbetter Recovery App

Please click on the image below and select which condition you would like access to e.g. BNSSG - Lower back pain, BNSSG - Back and leg pain, BNSSG - Neck Pain,
BNSSG - Shoulder Pain, BNSSG - Ankle Pain, BNSSG - Knee Pain, BNSSG - Soft Tissue Lower Limb.

The getUbetter service will send you an email with all the information on how to get started. The App is provided free as part of your care in BNSSG - The Family Practice.

It will provide you with:
1. Easily accessible, targeted and personalised self management information to help you day by day, and step by step.
2. Exercises based on your stage of recovery.
3. Direct booking of local treatments such as physiotherapy and well-being services within BNSSG - The Family Practice
4. Reassurance and support to self-manage.