Teaching and Training

As a practice we are involved in both medical student and GP specialist training, as well as a small amount of clinical research.


GP Specialist Training

Dr Smyk and Dr McGuinness are accredited GP trainers. However, all our clinicians are involved in training on an informal basis.

teaching and training

Being a training practice has always brought us benefits. It continually exposes us to new ideas from the stream of young doctors themselves. Secondly, it allows us to continually examine what we do and how we do it. Finally, accreditation for training ensures that we maintain certain standards in terms of our administrative structure, record keeping and commitment to continuing education.


Medical Students

Teaching students basic clinical skills allows us to revise those skills on a regular basis, leading to improvements in our own examination technique. Discussing medical ethics keeps us aware of this important dimension to our medical practice.

You will be informed by reception prior to your appointment if your consultation is due to be observed by a medical student. Please tell reception if you do not wish your consultation to be observed.