Secondary Blood Samples

If you have blood tests taken in the practice to support care you receive from a hospital specialist team, we want you to be aware of a change that has been agreed across all practices and hospitals in the area from 1st July. We are happy to continue to take these blood tests on behalf of your specialist team but they must now request these tests online so that the result will go back to them for interpretation.  Consequently the results will not come to the practice so we will not be able to let you know the result – this will be the responsibility of your specialist team.

If you think you will have an enquiry about your results, we would ask you to discuss this new process this with your hospital specialist when they ask you to come to the practice for a blood test.

We will of course continue to text you the results of blood tests that our GPs have ordered for you as a result of a GP consultation here.

Published: Jul 5, 2021