Prescriptions ordered by email must now be sent to our prescribing hub address:

Please see our page below for more information on how to order your prescription.


Emails sent to the old email address will no longer be processed.

What is the Prescribing Hub?

Our prescribing hub manages all the prescribing needs of the four medical practices that make up Healthwest PCN:

  • The Family Practice, Western College
  • Pembroke Road Surgery
  • University of Bristol Students’ Health Service
  • Whiteladies Medical Group

What is the benefit of having a prescribing hub?

The hub will give a single point of service for all your prescription needs, providing continuity and a high level of service to all patients. It will simplify and streamline the prescription service, reducing wastage, liaising with pharmacies, synchronising repeat prescriptions, undertaking medication reviews and empowering patients to take control of their prescriptions and medications. 

Will this affect how I order and collect my prescription?

No. You can still drop your repeat prescription into the surgery

Published: Aug 16, 2022